Local Businesses websites: 53 Must-Have features

Every small local business has a website these days, even if that website means only some simple pages built with a basic site builder. Any small business must be present online as it’s well known that searches with local intent are leading to calls, store visits and sales in a very short period of time.

It’s easy to see that the framework for success with a local business website is …


How to do On-Page SEO like a PRO

On-Page SEO

Trying to fly without building the airplane it’s impossible, and, even if you have the body of the airplane, you need to adjust the wings, mount the engines and so on.

Same things apply when we talk about SEO. If you have a website, you need to take care of on-page SEO before jumping for results with a good off-page strategy.

There are dozens of articles regarding on-page …


Google Images Rank Tracker

Getting Traffic from Google image search

GeoRanker team is proud to announce Google Images rank tracking.

Have you ever taught about bringing quality traffic to your website via Google Image Search?

Did you know you can do this by optimizing your images?

There are billions of searches done every day on Google Images. Of course, you can see some images are shown before others and the reason it’s quite …


Off-Page SEO: How To Build Local SEO Citations as a Pro

Have you managed to reach the top SERP positions? Is your organic search traffic off the chart? Are you confident potential customers will find you on Google – and not your competitor?

But if you are having trouble achieving these goals and want to know how to build local SEO citations to boost your SEO efforts, then this article is for you.

What Are Local SEO Citations – and


Keyword research: How to do it like a PRO

This article helps understanding better how to do a keyword research like a pro.If you’re still wondering what you should do to increase your website traffic, or your online business sales, we suggest you to start fructifying the rule number one of SEO:

Using the best keywords that help your website content or your business.

In other words, doing a good keyword research is the first step to increasing your …


Check Search Results From Any Location – Here’s How

Whether you are an SEO specialist, a blogger or an affiliate marketer, keeping a sharp eye on the SERPs is part of your daily work routine. Keywords and relevant content are the backbone of your website optimization, and if you can master them, search engines will reward you with user visibility and plenty of traffic to monetize.

However, since most search results are now localized, and without Google’s location search …


How Custom Crawling and Data Mining Can Help You Grow Your Business

1. What are custom crawling and data mining? Web Crawling

Crawling generally refers to the process of analyzing large amounts of data with the help of different computer programs usually called web crawlers or spiders.

When it comes to search engines, crawling means looking at web pages, their content, keywords and links, and returning that information to their servers for indexing. Whenever a search query is performed, the search engine …


5 Validated Ways To Get Healthy, Valuable Backlinks In 2016

Last year, there’s been a lot of talk about how to generate valuable backlinks and when Google’s webmaster trends analyst, John Mueller, suggested to avoid link building as an optimization strategy, it stirred a mix of reactions within the SEO community with many pertinent questions being raised: has link building stopped being a core marketing strategy? Do backlinks have the same weight in Google’s ranking algorithm? What are the most …


How to Track The New Maps Pack in Google Results

In the last few weeks, Google has been frequently making changes to its Google Maps and Google Maps pack layout. At the beginning of July, Google disabled the html version of Google maps and now users and SERP crawlers can only use the full javascript and lite mode versions of Google maps. Both need javascript to run and use more resources than the previous versions. Which is why decided to …