YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms and 2nd most visited website on the internet. Usually, people visit this website to watch different videos for entertainment, learning purposes and many more.  However, Youtube is not simply a social media platform or a website: Youtube is a search engine. The second-largest after Google, with a volume bigger than Bing, Yahoo and other combined.

As it’s a search engine, people use this platform for promoting their business through videos. Everybody heard about YouTubers: the famous people of this social platform. They are uploading videos for the sake of earning through ads or direct publicity.

This is the reason why everybody should take into consideration videos rankings and Youtube rank tracking. Higher rankings mean more video views, subscribers and more earnings as well.

To get higher rankings of YouTube videos, effective and efficient YouTube video SEO is required.


What Is Youtube Video SEO?

YouTube video SEO is the process of optimizing the channel, playlists, and videos to get higher rankings in the organic search results of YouTube for a particular search term.

The ranking of videos depends on several factors like keyword research, user engagement, watch time, number of videos, length of videos and others. Even if we are in 2020, there are topics that are overlooked, so you still have a chance of getting rankings easily. I’d call them video low-hanging fruits.

Youtube rankings – How To Improve The Visibility Of Videos?

Many factors collectively help to improve the visibility of videos on YouTube, and all of these are also part of effective SEO for YouTube. Let’s have a brief introduction to all these factors.

1.   Title And Keywords

Keywords are the only way to inform the visitor as well as a search engine that what type of content your video contains.

Therefore, the title of the video helps to grab the user by providing a relevant title that ensures him; it is the content for which he is searching.

That’s why keyword research is considered as the backbone of high rankings. The best way to search the relevant keywords for your video, try to search the topic or title of your video on youtube.

It will provide a complete list of keywords that people normally type for getting that type of stuff.

For the best practice of keyword research, keep an eye over the keywords of a competitor, and analyze them deeply. It will not only help to select the focus keyword for your video but also tell you the opportunity of rankings on that particular keyword.

However, various third-party keyword research tools are also available that we will discuss later in this article.

Tip: Try to use long-tail keywords, it will enhance your target audience group and gain more views as well.

2.   Video Description

Description of video is just like to explain all the features of the video in a few lines or words. Especially the starting two lines are significant because the search engine remarkably realizes on these lines for collecting information.

Try to use your focus keyword in these lines but be careful to do it in an appropriate manner. The keyword must create a sense of sentence rather than just a bunch of keywords that are considered as the scrap by search engine algorithms.

3.   Video File Name

The filename is a crucial factor after preparing the video for uploading on YouTube.  Some video uploaders practices to use the default name automatically generated by a video camera or editing software.

The use of this technique creates an adverse impact over the rankings because a search engine provides more preference to videos with appropriate file names rather than auto-generated.

Various specialists recommend you to use your focus keyword as the file name along with video extension.

Search engine crawlers are not capable of looking inside the video(yet); that’s why it is the responsibility of uploaders to tell the search engine through the proper title, description, file name, and tags, etc.

Using appropriate keywords everywhere not only help search engines to quickly find the relevant content, but it also helps to improve the rankings of your videos.

4.   Use The Closed Caption (CC) & Transcript

Closed Captions (CC) is a built-in feature of YouTube. By using these features, uploaders can display the text over video. It not only converts the voice automatically in written text and view over the video but also can translate it in different languages.

It helps to enhance the target audience group by attracting people from different regions of the world with different languages.

Uploading of transcript for your video creates a plus point for getting higher rankings or improves visibility in search results.

Recent updates in YouTube algorithms provide a feature of automatically create the transcript of the video by using voice.

If the video has no voice, then video uploaders can upload their transcript manually. It is recommended to use the transcript in the description of the video that helps to enrich the description with more keywords in a perfect manner.

5.   Try To Improve Comments From Visitors

Commenting is a quick and useful way to improve the rankings. In this way, you can inform the search engine that your video is getting popular day by day, and people like it.

Search engines provide preference to videos with more comments and improve the rankings in search engine results.

6.   Convert Visitors In Subscribers

Subscribing is considered as one of the most critical factors for getting higher rankings. The higher number of subscribers will improve the number of views because they notified with any update on your channel.

Unlike commenting that have one time impact, subscribers will provide benefit for a long time because that are the people who visit your videos or channel regularly.

Do not be afraid to ask people to subscribe to every video at the start or by using a pop-up window during the video.

It is practiced by many YouTubers to ask for comments, likes, and subscribe at the same time. But we recommend focusing on subscription because it automatically helps to improve other factors.

How To Track Rankings On Youtube? – GeoRanker’s Youtube rank tracking

Rank tracking of YouTube videos is useful and benefits to get the performance report of videos on YouTube. By understanding the report, you can modify or improve visibility by applying the different techniques and can get higher rankings.

For this purpose, GeoRanker’s rank tracking tool is available for comprehensive rank tracking and reporting.

GeoRanker is the most effective and useful tool that is used by many top YouTubers. It is easy to use this tool, just create an account, input the URL of your videos and provide a list of keywords that you want to track for your videos. In just three steps, you can get the rankings report. It is not only useful for getting ranking reports on YouTube but also provides a ranking report on the Google search engine.

This tool offers a feature of report scheduling that automatically generate the tracking report. Why don’t you open a free trial account and check for yourself?

Moreover, if you are into coding, GeoRanker also provides a top-notch API to get data from YouTube. With GeoRanker’s Youtube API you can get all the data you need to build your own Youtube rank tracker and analytics tool. You get full Youtube SERPs, Youtube related keywords, channel name and other.



Rankings and rank tracking are the most essential factors for Youtubers to get more views and higher earnings as well. Therefore, effective and efficient SEO is necessary for higher rankings.

In the above article, we discussed all the essential factors that help to improve the rankings and their implementation techniques as well as how to be on top of your Youtube rank tracking.

The GeoRanker Youtube Rank Tracking API is a great bonus to get useful information about performance and modify the strategies. We get various types of data from Youtube like Youtube rankings, full Youtube SERPs with related keywords, channel name and playlist. We even have an idea bout Youtube Keywords Volumes, so don’t hesitate to drop a message if you want to discuss more. Otherwise, feel free to comment, add or correct me. We are happy to learn as well.


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