Amazon SEO in 2020

First things first. Amazon is a search engine and I think you need to know what Amazon SEO is.

Mostly, people associate SEO with Google and only Google. Let me tell you something. The moments when Amazon SEO was completely ignored, people put everything on Amazon and waited for salaries to start running, its history. In an increasingly competitive market, Amazon manages to develop algorithms that link sellers’ products to what buyers want. Why? Because your product needs to be relevant. 

It is imperative to know that Amazon’s search algorithm works differently than any Google or Bing algorithm in surfacing results and if you fail doing the Amazon SEO right, just like with regular SEO, will result in less traffic and fewer sales

An introduction to Amazon’s Search Algorithm

Amazon A9 Algorithm

A9 it’s the Amazon’s Search Algorithm, just because the company that handles SEO for the company, which is a subsidiary of Amazon, is named A9. 

This algorithm does one thing – answer the customer’s question with products that are most likely to sell. A9 is crucial to Amazon’s Business Model because it outlines the value that matters the most: revenue per click. 

Thus, Amazon increases its chances of generating a sale and revenue by honing in on the products most relevant to a customer’s search query. 

Why it’s data important for the Amazon SEO? 

Because Amazon SEO means optimizing your product listings to appear at the top of the Amazon search results. 

This means that you will have better rankings which leads to more visibility and subsequently to more sales. In this way, you can be ahead of the competition because SEO it’s more than an instrument, it’s a life changing tool which can help you to have more revenues, to bring traffic and have more and more sales for your products that you sell on Amazon. 

Therefore, if you understand Amazon SEO, then your products’ visibility and ranking improves, which drives more sales!

When people search for your products on Amazon, they can find it only if their search queries match your keywords. That means that you must use the relevant keywords that your audience uses to find products like yours. 

Every search on Amazon is transactional and Amazon’s A9 algorithm focuses on displaying products first that increase purchase likelihood. So, in this way, it’s important to know that A9 focuses on two factors: performance and relevance. Performance is based on how well your products sell and relevance is based on how your keywords match the search query.

Amazon has a special caring for their buyers. Then, it isn’t enough to just choose the right keywords for your products to rank, you need to offer products that buyers will want. Exist another case, when you can base on the products that consumers buy frequently. So it’s important to focus on the buyer’s experience at all, because this is the way Amazon does. 

SEO for Amazon – tips and tricks

Every keyword and every product counts. If you optimize your Amazon product page considering these two factors that we showed you up and crucial ranking factors, you will end up converting and selling more on Amazon. If you want our audience to find your products, it’s highly recommended to improve your ranking on Amazon. We prepared some tips for you in that way:

  • Optimize your title 

Amazon title optimization

When it comes to Amazon SEO, probably the title it’s the most important element. As far as relevance, the way you format your title will affect where you appear in the search results. So, it’s vital to put the most relevant elements for your product in the title and after you optimize your title, you’ll want to place your most relevant keyword first. This will help you to increase more sales, more views, more interest. 

You need to know some tips for a better optimization for your Amazon product name: first you should include your brand name, after that make sure you will have a clear and relevant description for your product, mention a specific ingredient/material, point the color of your product, clarify the size of your product and the model number of the product. 

  • Take care of your product’s images

Many studies show that products which have high-quality images consistently have a higher conversion rate. For Amazon it’s the same. 

Visual parts of your product play a vital role for the buyer’s experience. Every human needs to see the product differently exposed, before to choose it and buy it. They need to convince themselves that this is what they want, this is the right product for their needs. Images are the key when you want to build trust and confidence between you (the seller) and your audience (the buyers). 

Amazon encourages you to use product images that are larger than 1000×1000 pixels. Why? Because they have the zoom features for the buyers to help them see the products from more angles and more clear. This is definitely a key to increasing sales for your business. So make sure you’ll have high-quality zoomable images for a chance at more conversions. 

  • Your product price

The story with the product price has something to do with your competition. When you consider your price, you need to research the competitors prices. Because the price is one of the most important elements for the consumers. Most often, people want to buy the best things at a lower price. 

Let’s come back to the competitors. If they have a price like 30-20$ and you charge 100/4 for your product, your Amazon SEO will not be that happy and your ranking will get affected in a worst way. But if your products on Amazon will have a good price and a competitive one compared to other sites selling the same or similar products, then your conversion rate will be positively affected.

  • Bring bullet points on the product description 

These two elements merge perfectly. For your audience, you can do everything that makes their experience more exciting. Of, course, you need to be clear, relevant and buyer oriented. When you put your products on Amazon, all you want is to offer something different and better against competition, so the perfect solution to do it, is to have detailed descriptions. Probably you have a lot to say about your products and this is gonna be appreciated by consumers. Is your chance to be a little bit persuasive, but more focused and detailed. 

Your information about the products that you sell should be relevant, convincing and readable for your audience. Bullet points are the solution in that case. Break your description in more bullet points and make sure you can be understood. It’s an easy way for your audience to digest the information. People like when information is concise and easy to read.

Point out the benefits of the products, important ingredients and materials and the dimensions. Bullet points are a key element for more conversions and a better ranking. 

  • Manage your reviews 

When we talk about performance in the Amazon algorithm, the online reviews represent a crucial factor. They are a must have for any business. A lot of buyers research the reviews before buying a product, so that means they are important when it comes to your products on Amazon. 

Products that are at the top of Amazon’s search results generally have more than three stars. These are the products with more reviews on them and that means they are more likely to people. It’s great to encourage your customers to leave reviews on your page, because this can help you to rank and especially to have more and more revenues. 

The way you manage your reviews it’s important too because at some point you’ll have negative reviews on your page, and you need to respond to them, to take care that those people who left them are clarified. This is the way you can resolve the problems that you see on our products. Feedbacks from people are crucial, so make sure you count them and manage them for more sales and conversions.

  • Any road leads to keywords

Did you think you were escaping this time? Actually, the answer is definitely no. Keywords are in every place where there is SEO. With Amazon SEO, keyword research has some similar qualities to traditional SEO, but with a few more buyer-focused attributes. 

Long-tail keywords are here the key. More often, those keywords contain three or more words. So when consumers are on Amazon and search for products, they use those long-tail keywords to find them. 

You need to focus on relevant keywords for your products listings because they will help more interested leads to find them. It’s gonna be a major mistake if you miss to include those certain keywords in your Amazon product listings. You’ll end up missing some important leads. 

When you have chosen your keywords, they will be used in your description and title of your products and like that your products will appear in the search results.

Why is Amazon rank tracking important? 

When it comes to rank tracking, we know that without it, we can’t have good results. Rank tracking, in combination with other multiple factors, helps us to drive more sales and traffic for our business. All of us want great rankings for our business, so with Amazon it’s the same. If you have better rankings, your audience will find you products easily and you’ll end up with more revenues. 

Rank tracking it’s one of the most important things when we talk about SEO campaigns, because they are in a continuous connection with all those factors that matter for your business. If you have conversions, this will improve your ranking. If you have reviews this will improve your ranking. And so on. All are interconnected for better results. 

How can Georanker help?

If you are ready to put your products on the Amazon, GeoRanker can be your helping hand. We can help you to track your Amazon rankings and we have some great free tools to help you with that journey. 

The first tool is this , which will give you a top 100 results for any keyword in any location and rank checker free tool . More than that, we offer both API and Graphical User Interface. 


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