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Plans for businesses of all size. No contract, pay as you go, cancel anytime.

Extract data in an easy way. Starting with 199$, going up as the complexity increases.

From SERP big data to competitor analysis, the data is available via API.



5000 monthly credits

Monitor up to 20 locations

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20 x Campaigns

10 x locations/report

100 x keywords/report

TOP100 results

All types of reports



50000 monthly credits

Monitor up to 50 locations

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50 x Campaigns

30 x locations/report

100 x keywords/report

TOP100 results

All types of reports


$490.00/ mo

120000 monthly credits

Unlimited number of locations

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100 x Campaigns

50 x locations/report

100 x keywords/report

TOP100 results

All types of reports

Frequently asked questions:

What are the credits and how to use them ?

The credits system is build instead of a direct money cost for every query you do. Basically, the price of a credit changes for every plan or for high volume SERP tracking.

In GeoRanker, the amount of credit used by a report is determined by:

  • keywords - the search terms( e.g. law office, business law office)
  • locations - the exact position ( e.g Brooklyn, Manhattan)
  • device type - more exactly, if you need both you have to multiply with 2
  • Search Engines - maybe you need just Google, or you want to check also on Bing and Yahoo.

Example: a report for 5 keywords in 5 different cities in 2 search engines(Google and Yahoo) will use : 5 x 5 x 2 = 50 credits

The credits are not reporting from a month to another in order to keep current quality of the results: keeping 50.000 local IPs means something, don’t you think? Also, the credits based system allows a number of requests per day for each type of account.

What’s the commitment ? Do I need to pay up-front or after each month ?

On GeoRanker there are no set-up fees, you can pay as you go and cancel anytime. There is no contract to sign, you can pay via PayPal.

We offer the first month free with 1000 credits and your selected plan - contact us if you need more for your tests - but after you have to pay up-front. Once you pay, you get the amount of credits in your account.

The payment will be set-up automatically, and the credits will be added each month into your account. Remember, our credits-based system is the only way to keep up a network f more than 50.000 Local IPs in such many locations.

How the support is offered ?

Somebody from GeoRanker’s team will be available 24/7. Everybody has the option to book a demo with one of our Business Developers, with multiple tips included.

In fact, our clients will receive Local SEO tips via articles or via emails. More than that, big or small, every of our clients has access to one-to-one coaching, or can ask us anything, anytime in any condition. We are here to help, remember that.

What locations covers GeoRanker platform ?

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, France, South America, Europe, Asia, the entire world.

Our platform is able to track SERPs all across the globe at any scale, probably with the most locations covered by an Local IPs from the entire industry.

We also have more IPs in the same location, so if you want to check the city center or its margins, just do it, ZIP code is allowed. By the way, we are able to supplement them if needed.

What benefits do “White Label” option gives every agency or SEO professional ?

The reports can be exported out of GeoRanker in white label format, and they can be customized with your Logo and name and directly sent to users. In real time. You do a prospecting? Get the data you want now, send it with your logo directly to the customer.

Data can be exported in PDFs, CSV and other formats.

Can I buy just custom part of GeoRanker ? What about if I want to track millions of keywords ?

You won’t find this on our subscription plans, but do not hesitate to contact us

We can create custom plans for your needs or we can offer our high volume SERP tracking. We are able to support unlimited numbers of requests, but there are some daily limits for every plan.

I am a non-profit. Can you offer discounts ?

We can offer big discounts to non-profit, feel free to contact us for more details.

Full Comparison of Features

Pro Plan
Location / Report
Keywods / Report
Monthly Credits
Rank Tracking
Custom Location
Keyword Discovery
Competition Analysis
Citation Sources
White Label
Automated Reports
Live Support
Mobile Rank Tracking
Google Image First Page
Google Image Rank Tracker
Advertisers First Page
Advertisers Competition Analysis
Keyword Density
Training Sessions

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A few words from our customers

GeoRanker is a cost-effective solution that allows us to research, collect, and monitor key local SEO focal points across thousands of individual franchises. Thanks to the API, we now have the ability to find and aggregate global and industry-specific opportunities. We're fortunate to have found GeoRanker, with their incredible customer service and technical expertise, and look forward to years of dominating local search results for our clients!
GeoRanker provides exact ranking data from Google, with a clear focus on local searches. The advantage: in this tool different user locations can be defined. Considering the fact that Google displays increasingly more local web results, depending on the user's geographic location, this type of reliable ranking information is for SEOs and online marketeers an important decision basis in their optimization and marketing activities.
GeoRanker is a simple and handy tool that allows you to do local SERP analysis the easy way. The power lays in its simplicity. Different tools and options give you the possibility to analyse SERPS within different approaches. Ranking data is delivered fast and accurate.
The future of SERP tracking is all about local. GeoRanker is quickly becoming THE trusted source, Sergiu and his team are leading the next SEO revolution.
Not only is GeoRanker a great option for our client reports, the API options have allowed us to create game-changing tools that we use for our clients, saving us thousands of dollars every month by cutting down our reporting time. GeoRanker has changed our business in a big way.
GeoRanker has helped us considerably improve the quality of our rankings data. This has resulted in us being able to save over $10,000 in the past quarter which we would have lost to cancellations due to wrong data.

Custom Data Mining Services

  • Data Acquisition & Web Scraping - distributed crawling network
  • Data Parsing - structured semi-structured and unstructured data
  • Data Processing - clear, validate, normalize and improve the data you already have
  • Knowledge and Information extraction - discover meaningful patterns from the collected data

Data Mining Features

Multiple Formats Supported


Delivery via Multiple Services

File, FTP, Amazon S3, Amazon SQS, ***

Deduplication and Normalization

URL Filters

Page prioritization

Fine tune settings

Depth, URLs lists, domain limits, robots rules, sitemaps

Automatic Sitemap Discovery

Speed Control

Image Download

SEO Factor Analysis

Contact Extraction

Extraction from multiple sources.

Data Linkage

** from different websites

Support and Q/A

Recurrent Crawls

Google Search Crawler

Crawls executed based on Google searches

Schedule Executions

dummy content

Some of the brands that trust us:

Frequently asked questions:

Could you help me identifying the data sources ?

Yes, we can provide a discovery process for the best data sources to fit your requests.

Can you manage anti-webscraping IP blocking platforms ?

Sure, we are using over 50.000 different IP addresses to do the crawling.

Can you crawl using multiple threads ?

Yes, in case the data source allows it. We have few optimization algorithms that monitors all threads and requests in order to adjust the speed and concurrence level automatically.

Can you manage anti-scraping dynamic HTML pages ?

Yes, we have good experience with this type of tasks.

Can you crawl dynamic content generated by JavaScript ?

Usually yes, it always depends on the difficulty level.

Can you parse the raw data to transform it in structured data ?

Yes. We will create custom parsing rules using different techniques in order to archive this goal.

Can you filter/segment/normalize the data from different data sources ?

Yes. Depending on your needs we can help you to filter, segment or normalize the data using machine learning algorithms.

Can you host the data on your servers ?

Sure, we can provide hosting capacity for the data once it will be crawled.

How is the data delivered?

We can have the data exported as CSV, XLSX or JSON files or directly via the API. If needed, we can deliver the data directly into your MongoDB, Amazon SQS or MySQL service.

Retrieve Search Results through 50000+ Local IP addresses

"GeoRanker has helped us considerably improve the quality of our rankings data. This has resulted in us being able to save over $10,000 in the past quarter which we would have lost to cancellations due to wrong data."

Ashwin Ramesh, CEO, Synup

Frequently asked questions:

How much time takes to a report to be finished ?

Usually it takes about 30 seconds for a small report to be finished. But the real time depends on the search engine, the amount of cities and keywords the report has.

How can i create a report on a specific search engine ?

When create a report you can provide a list of search engines to us to use. The supported search engines are google, googlelocal, yahoo, bing, yandex, youtube, naverwebdocs, naverlocal, baidu, googlenews, googleimages.

Can I read the full list of results instead of see only the position of my website ?

Yes. To do that make sure you create a report of type FirstPage.

How do I know how many credits I have left ?

You can use the endpoint /account/info.json in order to get information about your account including the plan, credits and it's expiration dates.

How do I request a GeoRanker API key ?

All GeoRanker users automatically receives an unique API key. You can find your api key on the settings page

How do I use the GeoRanker API key ?

The API Key can be send via url using the GET variable apikey.

If you don’t want to send the API key in every request, please use the command /api/login.json so you can create a temporary session key that can be used to authenticate future your requests.

I need help, where can I get support?

You can contact us anytime or access our API support group .

What do I need to start using the API ?

First you need a developer ! If you are (or already know) one you will need to get an account at , with enabled API access. If you don’t have an account, check out our subscription plans and register for the one that best suits your current needs.

With the account, you will receive an API Key which you will later use to execute commands on our platform.

To learn more about our authentication system visit this page.

Here you will find a detailed documentation on how our API works.

In which programming language can I use the GeoRanker API ?

Our API can work with any programming languages that can send and receive HTTP requests.

Most of the programing languages supports this features and usually is very easy to implement.

You are free to chose the programming language you want to use our API with.

What is the format the API uses to send the responses and receive data ?

Our API uses the JSON format.

I'm getting an error. How can I troubleshoot what is causing it ?

Visit our list of all possible errors. You will find a table with the error codes, messages and their possible causes.

If you can't solve the problem, visit our support page .

Are there any "best practice" guidelines for integrators developing around the API ?

Some useful tips are:

Cache value that are used often and change rarely;

Always pay attention to the number of calls your code is generating;

Avoid calling some methods more than a handful of times per hour (for example the "list" functions);

Be aware of the connection limits.

Do you have a callback system so I my code can be notified when a report is done ?

Yes. When creating a report you can set a callback URL so we can notify your system when the report is ready.

Do your api limits the amount of connections or requests per minute ?

Yes. But don't worry too much, those limitations are pretty high — 10 simultaneous connections per user account or IP; 30 requests per minutes per user account or IP. If you hit those, we will get a error message and you will have the opportunity to handle the situation gracefully in your applications.

It should be pretty rare to have this limits affect you unless you are trying to be abusive or have some scripts that aren't very well coded. If you fall into the latter case, try to improve your code or contact us .

How do you handle downtime ?

First of all you should know that we have never taken the API offline unless the main web app also had to be taken down — downtimes will be announced in advance through our Twitter Facebook and Google+ accounts. Longer downtimes are usually also posted on blog at .

Other than any planned downtimes, the reliability of the GeoRanker API tends to follow our main website ( since they are generally using the same resources. Our API is 99.9% of the time online and ready to solve reports. As with most things, occasional bumps or slow downs are unpredictable, but our team had put a lot of work into avoiding these.