Multi Postition Rank Tracking Tool

In case your website is ranking for the same keyword and in the same location with more than 1 URL here is a quick fix you can apply in order to boost your rankings.


keyword: car rentals

domain: dollar [dot] com ... Keep Reading »

If you are an SEO Expert you need to read the next update as it provide great value from a Local SEO Analysis perspective.

We have just launched a super cool feature which allows to run a multi-location Rank-Tracking report using different variables on the search query.

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What is a Citation?

A citation is the mention of your Business Name, Address and Phone Number. It is one of the most important factors used by Google algorithm to understand the level of Local SEO Authority for a certain URL.

After running an analysis on a high number of websites ranking on top Gooogle Rankings we’ve discovered 3 different things:

  1. Citations Number – is one of the most important factors correlated with top ranking websites, but only up to a certain level
  2. Citation Source Quality – is very important to have citations on high quality websites related to your industry
  3. Citation Source Local Authority – need to identify citation sources with high authority on the location your are targeting

This is the reason why Generic Citation Lists will not provide a competitive advantage. Using large public citation source lists, the same as your competitors will not bring you any extra advantages and Google will make the difference on other factors when will chose which site to rank on top.

To improve rankings you need to build Citations on Sources with a High Local Authority on the Industry you are targeting. ... Keep Reading »

Google Trends - Web Search interest- law office, law office miami - Miami (United States), 2004 - present 2013-11-13 17-11-00

One of the first things you do when you decide on creating a website for your business, is to find the right keywords. You have to prospect the market, to see what your competitors are doing and what are the most important keywords researched by users. Still, even with this luggage of knowledge, there is one more thing to do, to chose between

Keyword ( Implicit Keyword ) or Keyword+Location ( Explicit Keyword )


“Law Office” or “Law Office Miami” ... Keep Reading »

Chinese Food

Google has one main goal: to offer better and faster results for your search. This is the reason why the company makes regular algorithm updates like the Venice update launched in February 2012. It has a positive impact on short-tail keyword search results with a medium a high Local SEO competition level.

Because for the keywords containing more than 2 words, the competition level is usually low, the results were not affected by the Venice update for long tail keywords searches.


Main benefits on being listed on top Google SERPs for Long-Tail searches are:

  • better targeting audiences
  • higher conversion rate

and the only available solution to rank higher on Google was to use a generic SEO strategy: ... Keep Reading »