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YouTube rankings are important as video marketing is becoming increasingly used, especially when building a brand. YouTube acts as exactly like all the other search engines, displaying various videos as results for a certain keyword, in a certain language and location. Moreover, Google has a dedicated SERP feature addressed to videos, so ranking better on YouTube grants visibility on Google itself. On top of that, YouTube has the 2nd biggest number of yearly searches, after Google. Each month there are more than 1 billion monthly active users on YouTube from which some of them may become qualified leads if your video content and strategy is good enough.

YouTube ranking factors

YouTube will rank better the videos that keep people on the platform. Yes, you need to keep users watching if you want to have better video rankings. YouTube SEO involves multiple factors, as optimizing your channel, playlist, metadata, description, keyword for videos – yes, same kind of on-page SEO as Google – but also off-page factors like social signals, video sharing, likes, dislikes, subscribers and comments.

Google Maps has also a “shortcut” displayed in SERPs for multiple types of keywords: 3 PACK. If you search for restaurant on Google, the SERP is going to include the 3 pack, displaying 3 results, selected directly from Moreover, the local 3-pack of Google Maps is displayed before the organic results across all devices, making it one of the most desired things for a local business.

Google Maps Ranking factors

In a nutshell, there are few factors that have to be taken into consideration when you are trying to obtain better Google Maps rankings.

1. User Engagement

To improve your YouTube ranking you need to focus on user engagement. So besides bringing users to the platform, YouTube also appreciates videos that keep users watching. Watch time, keeping the user watching from the beginning to the end, session watch time, which refers to what does the user do after that video - likes, dislikes, subscribers, comments are the most important Youtube ranking factors.

2. Use your Target Keyword in your video title

Simple as that, your targeted keyword should appear in the title. In this way, you send a very powerful signal to YouTube, saying that this is the keyword I want to rank for. Use YouTube Search suggest to find the best keyword for your video. Do some searches and see the number of results you get for each of them.

3. Optimize keywords in description, tags and transcript

Obtaining better video rankings is dependent on the optimization of what you send to YouTube. You have: title, meta-description and tags. Incorporate your keywords in all of them and never forget about long-tail keyword phrases, which are always more specific and obtaining a better YouTube keyword ranking is way easier – low hanging fruits.

4. Add a transcript to video description

The video description is the best option for displaying your transcript on Youtube. There is enough space to transcribe a 10 min length video. Moreover, I’d also recommend to translate the video transcripts.

YouTube Results Checker

With GeoRanker, you can easily discover all the YouTube results for any given keyword. In plain English, once you input a keyword, YouTube gives you back a list of videos – by using the YouTube Results Checker, you will be able to have all YouTube data at your fingerprints. YouTube retrieves 20 results per page and I’d say that, as some topics are not yet so well-covered, it’s kind of easy to gather visibility on YouTube. With our YouTube Results Checker you can monitor any niche and gather intel that will boost your videos strategy to the next level – our YouTube Results Checker uses our YouTube SERP API, which scrapes all the search engine result pages (up to 200). Since we anyway scrape all the data from YouTube SERP, any advanced filtering is possible – channels, playlists, you name it. Furthermore, you can also get insights about what other videos or channels represent your competition. The best thing is that our YouTube Results Checker is completely FREE.

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