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Yelp - Business directory listings

Yelp is a business directory service and review forum based in the US. Yelp is being used by users to search for local businesses. The site has pages devoted to individual locations, such as restaurants, schools or any white-collar related business. The review on Yelp can help a local business succeed, so all SMBs are generally interested in having a good review note on Yelp. There are multiple companies offering services related to Yelp.

As it’s a directory, Yelp displays the results in an order. Basically, Yelp offers a kind of a SERP for any keyword inputted.

Yelp Listings Checker

Using GeoRanker’s Yelp Listings Checker you can get a full picture of who is appearing on Yelp for any Keywords. We will retrieve for you a complete list of who is ranking, with all the details, for any keyword in any location. This way you can discover who is your competition anywhere you want and get a better understanding of the market. Feel free to create your FREE report now.

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