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Yahoo Rankings and SEO

Yahoo is one of the most important search engines, and one of the oldest, being one of the pioneers of the early Internet era in the 1990s. Rankings in Yahoo keywords in your niche can help your business grow, especially if you are targeting some of the countries where Yahoo has a significant amount of the search engine market share. As Yahoo is the default search engine in the Firefox Browser, it still owns around 10% of the US search share. Furthermore, the Youtube search is used in some Asian countries, which still prefer it, as Japan.

Yahoo! Rankings

Optimize your website for Yahoo and track your rankings in the search engine. Use our fast and accurate local SERP tracker for Yahoo and obtain the data you need. Keep track of your rankings in Yahoo to find out your Yahoo SERP positions.

Another very important aspect to be taking into consideration is that 85% of SEOs do not report Bing & Yahoo rankings to their clients. Therefore, using a Yahoo Rank Tracker would allow you obtain the data you need for reporting the overall performance on Yahoo, adding a new KPI to the portfolio.

SEO for Yahoo!

First thing first, the competition on Yahoo is potentially lower. If you’re aiming to rank for the same search phrase as for Google, the efforts will be substantially lower. Always track your competitors on Yahoo search engine result pages so you can be always one step ahead.

1. Yahoo! And Bing are similar

SEO for Yahoo and Bing are similar. So if you optimize for Yahoo, you will get better rankings for Bing as well, and, more than that, it doesn’t mean that you affect your rankings in Google. Both have their own algorithm – an automatic system that determines how to rank websites for any given word of phrase – but they are very similar to another

2. Links are important

Yahoo! Values inbound linking and backlinks more than Google. This means that if your website has an important number of links, especially qualitative ones, you are going to have very good rankings in yahoo, even if the rank in Google is not that good.

3. The age of your website matters

Next, Yahoo! Gives a lot of importance to domain age, something that other search engines do not really count. If your website is online since years, Yahoo is going to keep that in mind and place your website in their search engine result pages more often. Obviously, you can’t fake aging, but at least you need what to do when it comes to re-branding.

4. Conduct keyword research

Here Yahoo! is quite similar to all the other search engines. Find out what people are searching for on Yahoo! In relation to the services you offer and then include them in the page titles and tags. Use these keywords, but don’t spam with them – even though it doesn’t require so much attention as in Google, Yahoo! also crawls for human-readable content, so do not only throw keywords there.

Yahoo SERP Checker

Use our Yahoo SERP Checker and start to analyze the result pages, features and your competitors. We can show you the full picture of who ranks among the top 100 results for any keyword and any location. You can also use our Yahoo Rank Checker and get all the data about your positions. Everything is free so why not give it a try?

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