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Keyword research is the backbone of every SEO strategy and Online Advertising campaign. It goes without saying that having the knowledge of what people search and what volumes will give you an advantage in front of your competitors when it comes to visibility. On top of that, knowing what is the bidding cost for those keywords will push you even more ahead as you will be able to plan not only your budget, but also have an idea about your competitors’ online advertising budgets. Using GeoRanker you have this data at your fingertips. We have developed a very simple tool that you can use to extract data such as Current and Monthly Search Volume, Cost per Click (CPC), Competition and Suggestions for your given keywords in your given locations. We provide a localized approach to this because we know that trends are different in different regions and Keywords Search Volumes vary from one place to another.

How will the Keyword Research Tool help your SEO?

When creating a SEO strategy, most people struggle to identify which are the keywords they need to focus on. This is in fact the most crucial aspect of becoming more visible on search engines. Knowing what keywords to focus on will give your website an edge in being discovered by search engines, thus building your brand reputation and increasing sales. Using a tool such as GeoRanker’s Keyword Research Tool allows you to identify which are the “hottest” keywords that you should focus on when building your SEO strategy.

How will the Keyword Research Tool help your Ads Campaign?

Using a tool such as GeoRanker’s Keyword Research Tool is like cheating in the field of Online Advertising. Not only that you will be able to identify Search Volume, CPC and Competition metrics for the keywords that you want to focus on, we can also show you up to 700 different keywords suggestions, with stats, associated with your desired terms. On top of that, you can use this data to analyse your competitors’ online advertising strategy and get an idea about what budgets they use. It goes without saying that this is invaluable information that will definitely give you an edge in such a competitive environment.

How can your domain benefit from our Keyword Research Tool?

1. Allows you to build a successful SEO campaign

Search engine optimization is not an easy process. It takes a lot of knowledge, time and patience. The most difficult part however is identifying the right keywords to focus on. Unfortunately, this can be a real issue for website owners. Most SEO experts can provide you this information but at very high costs. Why not avoid these costs? There are two very important things you need to consider:

    ● Keywords search volumes,
    ● The geographical location where you want to focus;

GeoRanker’s keywords research tool can help with both these important steps. With it, you have all this info at your fingertips. The Keyword Research Tool will also show you how the search volumes have changed over time.

2. Allows you to build a successful ADS campaign

Building an ADS campaign is no mere task. If you are not careful, you can easily end up spending all your budget with little to none results. It takes a lot of research, time and patience to build a successful Ads Campaign. There are many things you need to consider such as:

    ● Keywords search volumes and trends,
    ● Cost per Click (CPC),
    ● Competition – how many people are bidding;

Using GeoRanker’s Keyword Research Tool you can ease the burden by a mile, as you will know exactly what you have to focus on and get an idea on how much it will cost you.

3. You are able to spy on your competitors’ strategies

If you simply browse the SERP, you can get a lot of data regarding your competition. When it comes to specific “money keywords” you can check all the sites that are competing for the same phrase. But, as it would take a lot of time to browse all this content, it is much better to use one of the SEO checker tools. GeoRanker’s software allows you to automatically see all the keywords that Google identifies in your competitor’s website. By generating these reports, you are not only able to see what your keywords your competitors are focused on, but also to have an insight on their Ads strategy. Needless to say, this data allows you to modify your own strategy accordingly.

4. Check keyword stats to predict future trends

When checking search volumes and historical search volumes, it is possible to make an approximation of how the trends are going to evolve for a particular keyword. When it comes to particular phrases, this traffic doesn’t only signify the number of people who will visit your site. Instead it can also help you predict future profits. “Money keywords” are phrases that are most likely to bring you sales. In that regard our Keyword Research Tool can also be used as a profit prediction tool as well.

5. Allows you to plan future content

Even though there are a lot of SEO tools that can help you out with keyword difficulty, you can’t truly know how hard it is to rank for a phrase until you create a piece of content. Once you create a new piece of content and it reaches a certain position in Google, you can better assess the search query. If you managed to reach top positions with very little to no work this can be a clear indication that this keyword is potentially lucrative and easy to rank for. Oftentimes you will encounter keyword clouds that have pretty low difficulty. This can prove to be an extremely valuable info when it comes to creating new articles. Our Keyword Research Tool can indicate which keywords are clear winners so that you can use them to plan future posts.

6. Help you get rid of bad content

Here is a rarely mentioned topic. Although you might think that every post is beneficial and that each page enriches your site, this isn’t actually true. Google search engine is pretty smart when it comes to content evaluation. It can recognize sites that constantly produce content which is unable to rank. Such articles can actually have a negative impact on your site pushing it downwards in the SERPs. So, even though this might go against your instincts, it is much better to remove posts that are unable to rank for some time. They are not getting any traffic anyway. Instead, you can try to improve them and republish them. GeoRanker’s Keyword Research Tool can help you identify if you are focusing on any redundant keywords that no one searches for.

Keyword Research Tool features

First thing that has to be mentioned is that our Keyword Research Tool is completely free. Our users don’t have to login, download, leave an email or other personal information in order to use it. Of course, it’s better to register because this will give you access to some very cool features, but it’s entirely up to you! Please bear in mind that there is a daily limit to our Keywords Research Tool. In case you want to check multiple keywords per day you should check our pricing and consider purchasing a subscription. GeoRanker’s Keyword Research Tool gets a regular update so you can be certain there will be no technical issues. Also, it’s important to emphasize that It uses data from Google both in real-time as well as for the previous year. To summarise, this is the data that you’ll get using our Keyword Research Tool:

    ● Current Search Volume;
    ● 1 Year Historical Monthly Search Volumes;
    ● Coverage (local by city or global by country);
    ● Cost per Click (CPC);
    ● Competition scores – how many people are bidding for the same keyword;
    ● Suggestions – up to 700 keywords suggestions (with stats) associated to your term.

Why should you try GeoRanker Keyword Research Tool?

A great thing about our Keyword Research Tool is that it allows you a free trial. You can use it every day without spending a penny on it. This is something that you don’t have with many other tools which is a real shame. By trying GeoRanker’s Keyword Research Tool out, you can already have an idea of what we can offer before you purchase decide to purchase. Have you tried GeoRanker’s Keyword Research Tool? What is your opinion? Just click on our contact form link and drop us a message. Our support will get back to you ASAP.

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