SEO 101: Local vs. Generic Approach: Which is Better For Your Business?

Why SEO? Smart business owners understand the importance of search engine optimization to build...

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Track Rankings with Local IP addresses – SEO benefits

For many types of businesses the website acts as a portfolio or a business...

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Pigeon – New Local Algorithm Update from Google

It is nick-named the Pigeon Update! Google released a new algorithm update that tries...

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What is GeoRanker and how can your Business benefit from it?

GeoRanker is a Local SEO Platform which connects to servers from over 50.000 different locations...

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Content Marketing for Local Search Optimization Campaigns in 2013

It’s no secret that local search changed dramatically over the last 10 months, and...

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Join the Local SEO Community on Google+

Yesterday Google announced the addition of the Communities feature within Google which enables anyone...

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How to Run Local SEO Like a Pro (+4 Free Local SEO Tools)

Have you ever asked yourselves how SEO professionals and agencies run their Local SEO campaigns? Do...

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How to do Competitive Analysis?

A very important part of a SEO consultant’s work is to analyze the competition,...

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Is Local SEO a solution for ranking on High CPC Keywords?

For understanding the HeatMap Reports just check my previous article. High CPC Keywords and...

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Why is Local SEO so important?

Having in mind the high number of small/medium businesses and the fact that more...

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