Track Rankings with Local IP addresses – SEO benefits


For many types of businesses the website acts as a portfolio or a business card, and if that website does not rank well on the search engines, you may lose valuable clients.

Identifying the current status of your website on the search engines will help you get a better understanding on where you should focus your resources in order to optimize you website in the best way possible.

The Local Rank Tracker tool can be used for:

Tracking dynamic keywords ( in the same report the keyword might contain different location name for each different location);

  • Tracking translated keywords;
  • Checking mobile rankings;
  • Tracking Google Local Carousel Rankings
  • Tracking Rankings on Multiple Search Engines;
  • Tracking multiple URLs of the same domain in the same time by the main domain name;
  • Tracking multiple competitors in the same time by different domain names;
  • Changing default search language;

The benefits of using a Rank Tracker Tool:

  • Help with identifying the keywords that play the most important role in sending visitors to you website;
  • Monitor the evolution in time of your website’s rank on search engines to measure the SEO campaign results;
  • The local ranking data can be used in the keyword prospecting process or it can be included in Local SEO marketing strategy.

By crawling Search Engines rankings with local IP addresses GeoRanker is able to generate high accuracy SERPs reports.

Start tracking your local rankings by following the next URL:

How to use Georanker Platform - Rank Tracker Ex

Track Rankings with Local IP addresses – SEO benefits