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High CPC Keywords and Local Rankings

According to Google “Mesothelioma Lawyer” Keyword CPC has reached 149.16 USD becoming one of the highest CPC keywords on the Internet. It is generating lot of interest and many webmasters are struggling to get their websites rank higher in the search engines.

There was no problem on this niche and each player took its desired position until Google has chosen to rank it different on location basis  ( city ). The following Organic HeatMap Report shows how each URL is ranking on TOP 15 US cities.

Local Rankings HeatMap for "Mesothelioma Lawyer"

Top rankings are taken by country wide targeting websites but on few locations the ones colored in grey ( which means local website results ) local websites are already ranking on top positions.

Trying to figure out the back-linking strategy of those URLs after running few ahrefs queries have discovered that the ones which are present on all locations have run bulk backlinks acquisition campaigns as the following one:

Even so, with more than 300000 backlinks they are sometimes ranking at the bottom of the Google 1st page.

In NewYork as example on the first position is a local website. The backlinks history shows that in the last months they were able to increase rankings even after loosing about 30% of their backlinks.

The only reason for losing backlinks and still improving the rankings, even ranking first for such a competitive keyword is the Local SEO. The website has implemented the most important Local SEO factors, with much smaller resources that the ones needed for backlinks campaigns.

This is the clear evidence that even for keywords with some of the highest PPC competition levels, Local SEO can help ranking on TOP.

A good advice for ranking better for a High CPC Keyword is to run a Local HeatMap Report on Organic Results in order to check the Local SEO Competition Level. This will help you analyse the other competitors SEO strategies and allow to improve your Local Strategy for ranking on top positions with a smaller investment than traditional link building campaigns.

Sergiu Draganus
CEO - GeoRanker

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