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We all know that Google holds more than 85% of the global search market, but the things are not the same in Asia. Besides Baidu that owns the Chinese search market, we also have another market that’s not owned by Google and that is the South Korean one. They use their own search engine, Naver, which comes from “navigate”.

Naver is the no 1 search engine and it’s being used for more than 75% searches. It was launched in 1999, and it dominates the search engine industry since then.

Naver Rankings – Why is Naver different?

Naver rankings are quite different then the ones from Google. Naver is composed from multiple categories. Basically, the search engine result page you get for a keyword is a combination between organic(website), wiki results, knowledge results, maps results, image results, movies results, blog results, posts and others. These are not features, like on Google, but more likely blocks. On short, when you do a search on Naver, you do on the search on all these alternative search engines, while the SERP you get is a combination of these blocks.

Therefore, Naver rankings are different. If you want to track the organic rankings, you need to track the rankings on Naver Website section, but the Website block might appear the 5th in the SERP. Therefore, optimization and rank tracking on Naver are a little bit different then on the other search engines.

Use our Naver Rank Checker to track your rankings on Naver or use our Naver SERP Checker to get a full perspective on the Naver Result pages.

Naver SEO and advertising – Comparison to Google

Most of the Korean websites do not optimize for Google. As they only contain Korean content, it would be anyhow very hard to rank, and since their audience is in Korea mostly, they target them through Naver.

Each segment of Naver Search(Knowledge In, Blog, Cafes, News, Website, etc.) has its own algorithm. Therefore, there is no one single optimization to be done. Webmasters in Korea need to mix pay-per-click and pay-per-time advertising, coupled with promotion on the various segments of the search engine. Moreover, Naver Rankings are not that easy to be obtained. Naver search evaluates quality over quantity, so more content doesn’t work.

Naver SERPs are quite complicated so you first need to understand them by using our Naver SERP checker. After you understand the Seach Result, go further and check your website rankings on Naver. Use our Naver Rank Checker to check and track your rankings in the various segments of Naver Search.


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