In case your website is ranking for the same keyword and in the same location with more than 1 URL here is a quick fix you can apply in order to boost your rankings.


keyword: car rentals

domain: dollar [dot] com

Local SERP Audit

Multi Postition Rank Tracking Tool

Mouse over on the cells with an asterisk sign in order to see all other URLs the domain is ranking for, on the Search Engine TOP 100 Results.

All you need to do now is to chose the right landing page with the higher number of conversions for the targeted keyword/location and add “rel canonical” tag on the other URLs, in the example above can be done a rel canonical from the URL ranking on position 15 to the one ranking on position 7. This will boost the rankings for the first URL in only few days with minimum 3-4 positions.

Similar strategy can be applied to identify external back-linking sources, which can have a higher potential by using rel canonical.

Need to run a quick audit on your website to find if you are ranking with multiple URL for the same keyword?

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Thanks again for suggesting this feature to Krumel

Renan Gomes
CTO - GeoRanker

Renan is a young and dedicated developer, with an extensive experience with programming languages as JAVA, C and PHP, which helps him develop and optimize application for desktop and web.


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