Multi-Location SERP Audit – Made Easy


If you are an SEO Expert you need to read the next update as it provide great value from a Local SEO Analysis perspective.

We have just launched a super cool feature which allows to run a multi-location Rank-Tracking report using different variables on the search query.

Lets take the next example:


Identify the rankings for a multi-location business for explicit keywords


keywords: pizza delivery Miami, Pizza Delivery Chicago, Pizza Delivery Huston etc

keyword formula = “keyword” + location

solution: create a rank tracking report using the next string as keyword:

pizza delivery {:region:}


In the same report GeoRanker crawlers will search the rankings for the same URL ( ) for different keywords on each different location:

Location Keyword

Miami Pizza Delivery Miami
Chicago Pizza Delivery Chicago
Huston Pizza Delivery Huston

Basically, in the same report, the keyword used for rank tracking will be different depending on the targeted location.

Until now, for each different keyword a new report had to be generated, but from now on all that will be included in 1 report only, spending less time and credits to generate it.

Here are the other variables which can be used for building dynamic keywords:

{:region:} – Region or city name. Ex: New York
{:lang:} – The report language. Ex: en
{:countryname:} – Country full name. Ex: United States
{:countrylang:} – Default Country language code. Ex: en
{:countrycode:} – Country code (lowercase). Ex: us
{:latitude:} – Latitude for the region (If avaiable). Ex: -7.155163
{:longitude:} – Longitude for the region (If avaiable). Ex: -34.792344
{:dayoftheweek:} – The day of the week. Ex: monday
{:dayofthemonth:} – The day of the month. Ex: 15
{:monthname:} – Name of the current month. Ex: february
{:monthnumber:} – Number of the current month (01-12). Ex: 06
{:year:} – Current year. Ex: 2014

You can use them in monitors also as for example the date related variables, which will modify the search query on daily basis.

We’ve built this feature to follow our goal of being the most complex platform for Local SEO Analysis.