How To Increase Web Page Speed

It isn’t just good copy and visuals that make new visitors remain on your page. It is also good web page speed. Speed contributes to a better web experience and in some cases can even improve bounce rate on your page.

Is Web Speed Important for Local SEO?

Without any doubt! Not so long ago, even Google announced that speed became one of the 200+ ranking factors in Google’s Ranking Algorithm. So as expected, website speed is a very important factor in search engine optimization both local and general.

How Can I Improve Page Loading Speed?

Let me give you few tips about improving your website speed:

  • compress the resources with gzip;
  • set an expiry date or a maximum age in the HTTP headers for static resources;
  • optimize all the images;
  • eliminate JavaScript and CSS in above the fold content;
  • minify CSS;
  • minify HTML

If your website is an e-commerce platform or if your traffic is really high on a particular page/blog, then you can also try CDNs – content delivery networks. This is a great option to store images, CSS and HTML on other servers and release some of the “workload” on your own website.

Extra tip:

1. Set a custom size for images and a custom length for videos. Keep consistency to proper levels.

2. Go for custom hosting services with the right solutions for your website’s needs.

Sergiu Draganus
CEO - GeoRanker

Sergiu Draganus is an Entrepreneur, CEO & Co-Funder of GeoRanker and Conference Speaker - open to approach any new type of analysis and suggestions related to Local SEO.


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