GeoRanker launches a new feature to optimize ranking on the Google “Local Carousel”

September 30th, 2013GeoRanker is proud to announce the launch of a new feature enabling companies to understand, compare, analyze and reach an optimized local brand ranking within the “Local Carousel”, which Google has currently only released in the USA. 

GeoRanker, the local SEO reverse engineering platform, is the first tool that allows to analyze and to compare ranking in multiple cities throughout the world. It provides powerful ranking and monitoring tools, used by SEO experts and business owners to analyze, compare, monitor and gain insight into their online marketing strategies per cities. GeoRanker, as its name well indicates, focuses essentially on the local searches that have become more and more relevant, in opposition to global campaigns and over saturated international searches.

Google Local Carousel - Golf Courses

The Google “Local Carousel” has been launched last June in the USA, with the aim to display the best local results for any search query and for any type of industry. For example, if a search query is made Golf courses near Miami FL (see image above). The ranking on the Carousel are different from one city to another as it is based on a number elements such as the proximity (how close the searcher is to a business), external citations, freshness of reviews, local business name and high-quality photos, just to mention a few.

“We have seen in the past years a better accuracy of results and a growing popularity of the local searches and this is why we have decided to develop a number of track and Google ranking tools, local citations and authors referencing, analysis and reports tools and finally visual HeatMaps, all covering this ‘Local/Geo’ trend. The launch, this June, of the ‘Local Carousel’ and the new SEO challenges attached to it came as the perfect opportunity to us. After a few months of development, we are able today to provide companies, wishing to gain a better visibility and ranking on the Carousel, with the adequate tools. This is especially due to our ability to track Local Carousel rankings by using local IP addresses to get high accuracy results. Besides, our local Carousel HeatMap Report allows quick competition analysis both nationwide and at a city level. But I believe a live demo would be more appropriate in order to picture our approach, anyone can request one directly on the website”, explains Sergiu Draganus, CEO of GeoRanker.

The tracking of the local carousel rankings provided by GeoRanker allows the analysis of local results for implicit keywords such as “restaurant and hotel” without having to mention the name of the location. The analysis of implicit keywords has proved to be more effective and accurate than the explicit keywords’ analysis (see an example here).

The GeoRanker’s Heatmap displays rankings per column for a specific location. Each colour represents the ranking of URL/Brands in several locations, whereas the grey colour indicates a unique result. Below are three different HeatMap reports analyzing rankings and competition in the Google Local Carousel for “hotel”, “pizza delivery” and “conference hall”:

Hotel Local CarouselDirect Report Link:

Pizza Delivery Local CarouselDirect Report Link:

Conference Hall Local CarouselDirect Report Link:

“The analysis of the websites’ carousel provides us with valuable tips and insight about local SEO factors used by the top ranking websites. It can really help companies understand what and how their top competitors do in order to rank first in the Local Carousel”, adds Sergiu.

GeoRanker is powerful and essential tool for SEOs and business owners willing to follow and understand the growing and constant changes occurring within the world of search engines and ranking variables.


Sergiu Draganus
CEO – GeoRanker
sergiu [at]

Sergiu Draganus
CEO - GeoRanker

Sergiu Draganus is an Entrepreneur, CEO & Co-Funder of GeoRanker and Conference Speaker - open to approach any new type of analysis and suggestions related to Local SEO.


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