Declare HTML Language Attribute – How Does it Work?

Declaration of languages is very important for your content but is also good for...

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How to Declare the Language of Your Website via HTML?

Aside other options and internal codes, you should also switch your focus on Language....

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How To Declare Doctype via HTML for Your Website?

Your website is like an online business card: the way it is organized on...

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How to create Sitemap XML and how to register it to Google Webmaster Tools?

Sitemaps are an important asset to your website, be it a blog or business...

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How to configure a 404 page?

A 404 is the web code for “Page not found error” or “Clueless”. Even...

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How To Connect and Implement Google Analytics on Your Website?

Having Google Analytics and any type of analytics on your website is extremely important....

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