Datamining parsing tools

There are a lot of websites where you can download data mining and web scraping tools.

Although their basic service is usually the same (software that helps you with data extraction) they vary in terms of product quality, key features and pricing. Based on that, it is really hard to select a tool that will be optimal for your online company.

If you’re new to scrape tools and scraping in general, ParseHub isn’t one of the best apps to get started. The application requires some time to learn and the commands may be hard to create at first.

Still, if you have experience, you should check it out as your business projects may benefit from it in 2017.

Let’s now list all of the main features of ParseHub.

Main features of ParseHub

Let’s start by mentioning all the fields where this extension can work:

  • Sales
  • Consulting services
  • Developers
  • Ecommerce sites
  • Data science
  • Aggregators and marketplaces

Today, through Google navigation you can search all the data you need.

Furthermore, you can find a lot of databases from which to extract a required set of data. Still, occasionally you will have to log into a tool such as this. A new database will have to be created and ParseHub app can help you with that.

This is the main advantage of it.

How does work?

Process starts by opening the tool.

Once you click the button “New Project” and enter URL, browser will go to the target page.

While most data mining tools have predefined actions, when you open ParseHub, you will see a blank space – you will have to create a new project and add parameters yourself.

Once you’ve created a template, it can be used for next pages indefinitely.

This can be a problem for an inexperienced team or an individual. Have in mind that most site owners don’t need anything more than emails and contacts. In that regard, ParseHub doesn’t do the best job in comparison to some other tools who can be used to quickly scrape these basic site data.

Yet, it does provide more than an ordinary tool if you know how to use it.

Here are the main reasons why you should try it out:

  • Cloud based – extracted data will be saved on site’s servers
  • Can extract content based on AJAX and JavaScript
  • Can be used on a scale


The ParseHub tool has a free plan which is very limited.

Like many other tools, free version is more of a trial version. There are some options missing and you can extract data from a limited number of pages.

There are 3 paid plans as well: $150 plan, $500 plan and third plan where prices is negotiated.

To sum it up

Although there are a lot of videos and reviews explaining the process, the tool can still pose problems for beginners. It is also not ideal for people scraping email data, contacts, names, Facebook and Twitter data. There are definitely better tools for that.

Nevertheless, ParseHub has its customers; they are a group of people working in previously mentioned industries. For example, if you’re doing data science or if you’re a developer, it might come in handy. Otherwise, it might be a waste of time and resources.

Have you tried this software? How do you find it?

Let us know how you feel – post your comments below!

Nikolay Stoyanov

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