Best Data Mining Tools

Nowadays, data mining is a process that is crucial for business management.

It allows you to find patterns within large data sets. Based on this analysis you are able to acquire some advanced customer intelligence. Data can be used for development of products and services, improvement of site content as well as some other marketing tasks.

Best data mining tools for your business

Mining of data is heavily reliant on machine learning, artificial intelligence, database systems, analytics and algorithms. Techniques being used include classification, association, clustering, regression and anomaly detection.

Based on a type of data a user needs, there’s a lot of online software that can help your project out.

Let’s check some of the best data mining tools for your company!

  1. Rapid miner

Rapid miner has a wide array of applications: it can be used for business projects, for science and university research, training, etc. Users can use various data mining techniques with this tool.

Although it’s not a new software, it is still regarded as one of the best ones and is very flexible when it comes to pricing. It is not free; the price is negotiated with the authors.

  1. Orange

When it comes to open source data visualization, this data mining tool is among the best you can find on web.

It is geared towards text mining and machine learning. It also has some advanced features for analytics. Orange data mining is relatively simple for such a big and wholesome tool. Still, it can do tons of work for your company.

  1. GraphLab Create

GraphLab Create provides model optimization, regression, machine learning visualization, anomaly detection, scalable data structures, image analytics, data learning and feature engineering.

It allows you to learn more about data sets and find patterns by using several different techniques. With it, you can build predictive applications. Such a tool is amazing for companies as it reduces their planning periods making all projects much faster to develop and finalize.

  1. R Software Environment

This is one of numerous free data mining tools on this list.

A lot of companies are struggling with statistical computing and graphics. It will please you to learn that this tool is all that you need to increase your knowledge on the topic.

R Software Environment allows you to perform various graphic calculations. Tool is good for linear and non-linear models, classification, clustering, etc.

You can access it with several scripting languages.

  1. Weka

When you search through Weka’s menu, you quickly realize this software is based on several machine learning algorithms. Some of the features include processing, classification, regression, association, attribute selection, various experiments, etc.

Weka uses Explorer but it can also be accessed through Knowledge Flow interface.

  1. KNIME

KNIME is a platform that is focused on three things: integration, analytics and reporting.

There are so many things you can do with this data mining tool. Basically, there are over 1000 different analysis that you can perform with it. Tool uses various resources for its analysis. It can be used developers, data scientists and business owners.

If you decide to add it to your software list, it will definitely be worth your time.

  1. OpenNN

OpenNN is mainly focused on implementing neural networks. The platform was made in C++ and according to its creators, its main advantage is the high performance. Due to its memory management and high processing speed, it can easily beat competitive software.

You can download it from

  1. Apache UIMA

UIMA stands for “unstructured information management application”.

In other words, like many other data mining tools, this one seeks patterns within large data sets

With Apache you are able to break down applications into original components. It is also able to wrap these components into network services.

Although the tool is rather old it is regularly updated which means you will get the best possible product.

  1. CLUTO

As the name implies, CLUTO is focused on clustering as a data mining technique.

It uses various datasets, regardless of their size for analyzing clusters.

CLUTO consists of both stand-alone programs as well as library which is being used which is that basis from which applications can access clustering algorithms.

This tool uses several methods in order to properly and efficiently summarize clusters.

  1. Anaconda

Anaconda is a full data mining platform that was made in Python.

Like most these programs, there are several things to choose from such as streamlining your workflows from initial point to deployment. It also allows you to integrate your own sources in order to get the best results and patterns.

Anaconda was made for big teams. You can share your results and projects together with whole company.

  1. Shogun

This tool can be used by practically anyone: from practitioners to scientists and ultimately, businessmen.

It is based on various algorithms that are allowing us to find different patterns. Shogun was made in C++, it has flexible embedding in workflows and it is geared towards larger community.

Although made in C++, it supports other programing languages.

Perhaps one of the best things about it is that it’s free.

  1. TraMineR

TraMineR is a data mining software that can be used for various sequence. With this tool, you can describe and visualize them.

The tool has numerous features. By using all these options you are able to extract frequent event subsequences, to identify discriminating event subsequences, to discover and plot representative sequences and many other things.


In terms of tabular data, you shouldn’t search any further than ROSETTA.

You can use it for browsing and preprocessing data during initial phases of data mining, for validation and analysis of induced rules and patterns.

ROSETTA wasn’t made for a particular application. Instead, its creators meant it for a general-purpose tool.


Although I tried to focus on business side of software for mining data, there are other things you can do with it. Regardless of your particular needs, there are some great data mining tools out there.

By just checking this list, I am sure you will find something that best suits your particular situation.

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