How To Determine Text/HTML Ratio For Your Website ?


The text/HTML ratio is an important attribute for your website. It might seem hard to believe, but this impacts the way your website performs and the way Google and other Search Engines see your website. To some extent, we could say it is important for seo, too, as this helps search engine spiders calculate the “relevancy” of your page in a given context (mainly, ranking in the SERPs).

What is Text/HTML Ratio

To put it simply, your page is written in HTML code and the content displayed is usually in text. The text/HTML (also referred to as text/code) ratio is the percentage of actual text content found in a web page.

How is Text/HTML Ratio Calculated

Pretty simple, again. You can either check manually, by simply taking a look at how much text is displayed in your page versus HTML (links, headings, images etc). You could also try a free tool and check it automatically. The ratio checkers usually extract text from paragraphs and anchor texts from the code, then calculate content ratio based on these patterns. Then it reaches to an x% versus y% ratio.

What Is the Best Text/HTML Ratio

When it comes the text – HTML ratio of a web page, this must be extremely balanced. Take for example flash websites and websites with animation: they’re great, really beautiful and appealing, but nobody is opting for them since they involve little to no actual text. When the text/HTML ratio is very low, the website is most likely to appear invisible in the search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing). In order to change this very important aspect, the aspect ratio must be at least 10% for text and 90% or less for HTML. Ideally, the more text you have, the better. Remember that now, in 2014, Google and other search engines are starting to focus on more content, so the text ratio should be higher to get a better change of ranking higher in the SERPs.

This way, the search engines will be able to identify the type of content on your website and make your website visible in search engines.

How To Determine Text/HTML Ratio For Your Website ?

Image source: Esioh: WP-content, What is text content to HTML code ration and how it affects SEO.

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