As you may have already read on our social shares on Google+ and Twitter, February and March have been two very interesting and challenging months for our team. We’ve worked intensively on a new version for GeoRanker, a version accompanied by an entirely different design, loaded with features that have been on our to-do-list for a long time. The new GeoRanker portal is almost complete. For the next couple of weeks we’re releasing the portal in Beta, allowing you to test the app out and help us fix any missed bugs or errors. So, here’s what you should expect from the platform…

Updated reports structure

As the GeoRanker reports grow in content and richness, we believed it was necessary to take serious measures to simplify the navigation through our reports. Thus, the GeoRanker Beta Portal is structured in 4  major sections:

  1. Rank Tracker – specially designed to keep constant track of your website’s SERP evolution. Thanks to your new monitor reports, SERP changes will be automatically checked by our crawlers and saved into your account.
  2. HeatMap Report – this section provides you with two colorful, highly intuitive heatmaps (one for organic results and one for advertisers), that will give you a quick overview of all sites that rank for a particular query in different locations. This is great if you want to start a competition analysis or develop new link prospecting strategies.
  3. 1st Page Report – lists the TOP10 sites that rank for your keyword in each analyzed city/country.
  4. Advertisers Report – use this tool to get a quick overview of your Adwords competition and optimize your PPC campaign accordingly.

Smooth and clean interface

Instead of viewing the whole information on a page, we sorted everything into 4 distinct sections. The color scheme of the new GeoRanker platform is lighter, HeatMap results have become easier to distinguish and functions, such as creating a PDF report, configuring a monitor, updating or deleting a report, are now far more accessible.

Analyze unlimited keywords and locations

We know that this has been bugging many of our customers, who needed to generate mass reports for hundreds of keywords, this is why we decided to drop keyword limit! The new platform works with credits, you can use your purchased credits to generate a report for as many keywords as you need.

Google Places Prospecting made easier

The Local Map Reports displays on a map the top results for a particular search based on their physical location. This feature is now available in the 1st Page Reports and in the Advertisers Reports.

Global / Local Distinction

GeoRanker Local Global ReportsCreating reports is just as easy as before, only we’ve added a new distinction to the whole process, to ease your navigation on GeoRanker. As you log in to your account, go to the top menu and click on “New Report” to generate a SERP analysis. If you own a website with an international target, “Global Reports” are just the right thing for you. They are designed to analyze SERP rankings in different countries and continents all over the world. On the other hand,  “Local Reports” is designed for sites with a regional or national target. Select this option whenever you wish to create a country specific report, monitoring SERP results in different cities within the same country.

Export reports as CSV or PDF

Reports can now be exported either as a whole, either section based (Rank Tracker, HeatMaps, 1st Page Reports or Advertisers Reports). There are two ways of as a whole go to “My Reports”, to the right of the designated report click “Action” and then click the “Download as PDF / CSV” button. Your downloadable report will be ready for download within few seconds!

API integration for other platforms

If you’re a tool developer or a SEO agency, gaining direct access to our API might just be the right thing. We created a separate section to support you in understanding how the GeoRanker API works and how you can implement it into your current projects. For more information got to

Having said this, we happily invite you to test the new GeoRanker platform in Beta. Please note that we are still going through few testings,  if you encounter any bugs or errors, please report them to us. We wish you a happy browsing experience and looking forward to getting your feedback! 🙂

Renan Gomes
CTO - GeoRanker

Renan is a young and dedicated developer, with an extensive experience with programming languages as JAVA, C and PHP, which helps him develop and optimize application for desktop and web.


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