Do you think you’ve seen it all regarding SERP Reports already ?

Not really true.

You don’t understand why the SERP are so different from one platform to another even if they all claim to be able to build 100% accurate SERP Reports, for any URL/Keyword/GeoLocation?

I will explain you in this article why none of the reports are similar with the real search engine results.

The algorithm search engines are using for displaying search results to a specific user are based on many criteria and the most relevant are ( I will use Google as search engine for providing you clear examples ):

IP Location – it is used for checking user GeoLocation – GeoLocation is already more than country, in US as example Google is providing different results for the same generic keywords ( ex: order pizza ) based on city locations

Please analyze the next report for better understanding reports differences based on city geolocation:

There are some rumors on the internet, that the reasons of all those differences, are different search engine datacenters, this is only half true, as an user from US will never be able to connect to a Google datacenter from Germany to get the results out only by changing the TLD from to without having the phisical IP address from Germany.

Search Engine TLD – even if the user is seen as beeing from France as example ( by IP ) the results will be different if the search will be done on or on .

Search Language – In USA as example Spanish language is spoken by over 12% of the population and Google knows this very well :), thats why the results are different if the HL attribute in the same query link is change from EN ( english ) to Spanish. Same situation is happening in other countries as Canada ( English and French ), Switzerland ( German, French, Italian ) and in any other country if the user has the search language option set to another language than the default one

Account Settings – LoggedIn Status – For loggedin users Google is usually displaying results based on search history and if the user has a Google+ account then is  looking to his friends preferences before building the result page. In this case best is to be logged out from the google account with the cookies deleted when checking how your site ranks

– Device Type – In order to improve the users experience google has started delivering different results based on device type screensize. Using a mobile device the results will be different than using a desktop computer for searching the web.

All major rank checker platforms are doing one huge mistake. For being able to serve large number of reports they are building and caching SERP reports on different keywords by using default settings for all those attributes above. Some are using servers from the same location for crawling the search engines, with default Google TLD for each country, default language/country also and most of the times are able to provide only desktop search results.

For delivering 100% accurate results to our users Keyword Search Rankings is providing only LIVE SERP REPORTS allowing user to set different attributes for each different report.

We’ll continue module development for all attributes above.

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Good Rankings to all of you!

Sergiu Draganus
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Sergiu Draganus
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Sergiu Draganus is an Entrepreneur, CEO & Co-Funder of GeoRanker and Conference Speaker - open to approach any new type of analysis and suggestions related to Local SEO.


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