Page ranking is an important factor to be seen on the search engine listings by Google. It is a
type of trademark that is given by Google. You should always place importance on maintaining
the page rankings along with the domain authority after designing the website. Once you’ve
created a website, you should not only work regarding ranking the page but also continue to
make necessary changes for them to rank. Always plan the redesign with utmost efforts to make
the page rank.


Here are the best ways that will tell you about the best ways you could rank the page after
website design:

1. Focus on the keywords- The most important thing to focus on for page ranking is
placing importance on the keywords. The main objective of the search engines is to drive
the organic traffic to the website from the search engine result page (SERPs). If the
keywords selected are good enough, they would ensure good traffic, but if the keywords
are not good, then it becomes difficult to rank the page. Content is always incomplete
without a keyword. The ranking of the page depends on the quality of the keywords
placed in it.


2. Keep on editing frequently- The webpage once made up cannot be ranked by a single
time effort. It needs continuous working on the page whether in terms of changing
anything, adding something, or removing something. After website design, it takes a lot
of effort to maintain sustainability and page ranking. If the content placed on the page
doesn’t seem to be catchy, it should be changed immediately with fresh new content.
Also, the domain name and the URLs should be good enough for ranking.


3. 301 and 302 redirects- It should be made a priority to redirect the old URLs to the new
ones. The content should be placed on a similar URL in case of redesigning a site. You
will require a spreadsheet of the redirects to make any kind of changes to the permalink.


4. Always update the backlinks- It is not only important to place the backlinks but also to
update them regularly from time to time. Backlinks play a vital role in the ranking of the
page after website designing. The updated backlinks can always help in ranking and
indexing the new site.


5. On-page optimization- If you have decided to crawl the old site, it becomes quite easy
to export all the key on-page elements which include with them the headers, alt tags,
meta title, and meta description. The focus should also be placed on the specific on-page optimization.


6. XML Sitemap- The XML sitemaps should be regularly updated and submitted to google
for ranking after designing a website.


Conclusion: Certain things should be kept in mind before ranking the page and should be placed
a major focus on. Efforts are always needed when you are willing to receive more. Always know
about what is in favour and what is not for the web page, make related changes regularly, place
major emphasis on the keywords, etc.



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