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GeoRanker Tools: Analytics data Science

Data Aquisition and Web Scraping

distributed crawling network

Data Parsing

structured, semi-structured and unstructured data

Data Processing

clear, validate, normalize and improve the data you already have

Knowledge and Information Extraction

discover meaningful patterns from the collected data


Data Mining Features

Multiple Formats Supported

Multiple Formats Supported


Delivery via Multiple Services

Delivery via Multiple Services

File, FTP, Amazon S3, Amazon SQS

Deduplication and Normalization

Deduplication and Normalization

Auditing, standardization and deduplication of our customers

URL Filters

URL Filters

Malicious URL filtering - protection against phishing

Airplane Element
Advicelocal Drivenbrands Filovent Inditex iProspect KnowledgeAcademy
Localxygen Lokalleads Performics Position Poweredbysearch
Webfoco Visibel Webde Semsea Xivic Eurodns

Data Mining

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can provide a discovery process for the best data sources to fit your requests.

Sure, we are using a huge network of different IP addresses to do the crawling.

Yes, in case the data source allows it. We have few optimization algorithms that monitors all threads and requests in order to adjust the speed and concurrence level automatically.

Yes, we have good experience with this type of tasks.

Usually yes, it always depends on the difficulty level.

Yes. We will create custom parsing rules using different techniques in order to archive this goal.

Yes. Depending on your needs we can help you to filter, segment or normalize the data using machine learning algorithms.

Sure, we can provide hosting capacity for the data once it will be crawled.

We can have the data exported as CSV, XLSX or JSON files or directly via the API. If needed, we can deliver the data directly into your MongoDB, Amazon SQS or MySQL service.


Using Georanker really helped our SEM Agency. Integrating our tool with the API of Georanker it helped us to bring better result to our customer. The features and the data that we received is revolutionary and it can help any local small and medium business to optimize their digital marketing campaign.

Catalin Macovei | Founder MoLoSo


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