GeoRanker WordPress Plugin – SEO Agency ToolBox

Our WordPress SEO Plugin can provide SEO tools like Rank Tracker, Top Advertisers, Google First Page, Local Carrousel Data and other SEO tools using GeoRanker and eRanker API.
This plugin requires a valid Free GeoRanker API Key. The user will be able to generate commons SEO reports and insert into articles using shortcodes. Each report type is unique and will allow the user use this data on his articles.


  1. Upload the ‘all-in-one-seo-agency-toolbox’ directory to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate ‘All-in-One SEO Agency ToolBox’ from the site’s ‘Plugins’ menu
  3. Make sure you have an GeoRanker API Key. (Register at and get your api key for free: )
  4. Configure the ‘All-in-One SEO Agency ToolBox’ under Settings Page


You can download the plugin files from page download page.

Short Codes

You can use shortcodes in order to add int your post, pages or widgets SEO Reports or Forms.


Please, Make sure to replace the { and } to [ and ]


{create-report type=keyworddensity title="Create Keyword Density " show_title="1" before_text="" after_text=""}
The possible report types are: keyworddensity, ranktracker, sitereport, 1stpage, advertisers, citations


{view-report report_id=0799d3d6 title="My Report" show_title="1" before_text="" after_text="" max_height="500px" }
Make sure you change the ID of the report.


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