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Rankings by Cities/Countries

See Google 1st page rankings on a heat map that display results per column for each City or Country. Colors identify Results that rank multiple times, and mouse overs display the full URL.

See Heatmap example!

RankTracker Rerport

Monitor/Track Rankings

Each ranking report can be activated for monitoring. Select the frequency and we track the evolution of your local city and country ranking through graphics and alerts.

See Monitoring example!

Find Local Citation Sources

Local indexation secrets pass through local authors and local citations.This powerful Tools reveals the top citation sources City by city and industry specific.

See example and test it!

Citation Report


For developers and Data hungry users we provide a powerful API.The API is accessible to everybody. Simply create an account, log in and access the API area. Every local data retrieved by GeoRanker is available via our API. Enjoy

Whitelabel Report

All our reports can be exported as PDFs.We now also offer the possibility to our “agencies users” to upload their logo in order to export reports featuring their logo with no indication of GeoRanker.