GeoRanker Lead Generation

AI B2B Sales Data Acquisition

Make sales happen with automated prospecting and listbuilding, prospect profiling and identifying based on machine learning

Lead Generation Features

  • API Feature
    AI Prospecting

    Automated prospecting and listbuilding based on user's criteria through machine learning algorithms.

  • API Feature
    Scalable targeted profiling

    Search for data by job function, industry, position and many others. Receive triple verified email address, company domain, job title and social media profiles.

  • API Feature
    Multi source data acquisition

    Machine learning algorithms to acquire data from 20+ different data sources.

  • API Feature
    Database fueling with 95%+ deliverability

    Clients own the data. We crawl the data and send it as an importable database.

  • API Feature
    Multiple Layers of Quality Control

    Our algorithms automatically clean the data, remove the duplicates, and ensure the email address exists.

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