GeoRanker API Documentation

This website is a technical reference for developers that are interested to utilize the GeoRanker API. All content and documentation is created by the developers GeoRanker team.

Our API enables developers to make use of all functionalities available on

In order to facilitate your access to our API, we will offer a full set of bindings for the most popular languages, as well as an expanding array of Sample Code.

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As we are constantly working to improve our services, please note that GeoRanker is undergoing updates on a regular basis. Also, we are soon planning to release more documentation on how you can gain access to our API and use it to boost your SEO research techniques.

How does the GeoRanker API work?

We own hundreds of servers (crawlers) around the world. Our API manages those servers in order to create accurate reports for almost any neighborhood, city, region or country in the world.

Using the GeoRanker API you will have access to our system and hence you will be able to create reports and monitor directly from your application.

Benefits of accessing data via API

The API allows statistics to be more easily embedded or interwoven throughout your sites or other applications. The information may be manipulated so as to create unlimited types of reports. Thus, you can ensure a smooth and integrated user experience, and relevant and up-to-date information, for your company or customer.

Our API also provides access to monitors and alerts, which will notify your company (or your customers) if a keyword is no longer effective in a particular place or country.

URL Example


Real Example:

What do I need to start developing applications using this API?

First, you need a programmer! If you are (or already have) one you will need an account on the website enabled for use with our API. If you dont have an account, here's a list of our subscription plans.

With the account, you will receive a key we call "API Key". This key will be used to execute commands on our system.

To learn more about our authentication system, visit this page.

GeoRanker API Testimonials

James Richardson

SEO & PPC Professional - Optimising


Not only is GeoRanker a great option for our client reports, the API options have allowed us to create game-changing tools that we use for our clients, saving us thousands of dollars every month by cutting down our reporting time. GeoRanker has changed our business in a big way.

Nyagoslav Zhekov

Managing Director, NGS Marketing


GeoRanker is a unique SEO tool. It could be helpful for both small businesses and national brands. The former could use its functionality to do competitive research on other businesses in the same industry across the country, while the latter (brands) could benefit from its ease of reporting localized rankings in multiple cities and at the same time providing insights into how direct competitors are doing. I highly recommend it.

Steve Wiideman

Xivic Inc., Search Marketing Director


GeoRanker is a cost-effective solution that allows us to research, collect, and monitor key local SEO focal points across thousands of individual franchises. Thanks to the API, we now have the ability to find and aggregate global and industry-specific opportunities. We're fortunate to have found GeoRanker, with their incredible customer service and technical expertise, and look forward to years of dominating local search results for our clients!