API Support

Note: This area is meant for API-related questions and support.

We have create a group for GeoRanker API Developers. If you have any questions, here’s where you can post them. Our team will try to reply as soon as possible. Developers are always welcomed to join the discussions and provide answers to any public questions.

If you're interested in finding out more about pricing, partnerships, GeoRanker features and volume, or anything else that does not involve handling the API, please contact us.

GeoRanker API Discuss

The full, non-embedded version of the group is here

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I need help, where can I get support?

Glad you asked - we added support info here.

2. What do I need to start using the API?

First you need a programmer! If you are (or already have) one you will need to get an account on GeoRanker.com, with enabled API access. If you don’t have an account, check out our subscription plans and register for the one that best suits your current needs. With the account, you will receive an "API Key". which you will later use to execute commands on our platform. To learn more about our authentication system visit this page. Here you will find detailed documentation on how our API works.

3. In which programming language can I use the GeoRanker API?

Any programming language or library that can make HTTPS requests. It is fairly easy to operate our API, as it can be implemented in practically any programming/script language (PHP, Java, C, JavaScript, Ruby, etc.). You are free to chose the programming language you want to use our API with.

4. Is this thing on? Do I need a password?

Yes, for sure! You can get your API access code here.

5. What is the format of API responses?


6. I'm getting an error. How can I troubleshoot what is causing it?

Visit our list of all possible errors. You will find a table with the error codes, messages and their possible causes. If you can't solve the problem, visit our support page.

7. Are there any "best practice" guidelines for integrators developing around the API?

Cache values that are used often and change rarely. Always pay attention to the number of calls your code is generating. Not doing this in your app might cause users to get warning messages or even shut down their access to the API. Avoid calling some methods more than a handful of times per hour (for example the "list" functions). Be aware of the connection limits and our reliability statements below.

8. Are there API request limits, throttling, etc?

Yes. But don't worry too much, this limitations are pretty high—10 simultaneous connections per user account or IP; 30 requests per minutes per user account or IP. If you hit those, we will get a normal error message and you will have the opportunity to handle the situation gracefully in your applications. Please note that there are correctly no options to raise that limit on a per-customer basis. It should be pretty rare to have this limits affect you unless you are trying to be abusive or have some scripts that aren't very well coded. If you fall into the latter case, try to improve your code or contact us.

9. How do you handle downtime?

First of all you should know that we have never taken the API offline unless the main web app also had to be taken down— downtimes will be announced in advance through our Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts. Longer downtimes are usually also posted on blog at https://www.georanker.com/blog/. Other than any planned downtimes, the reliability of the GeoRanker API tends to follow our main website (GeoRanker.com) since they are generally using the same resources. If you are serious about caring about potential outages of partner systems you work with, then we suggest you have some method of running calls through some sort of queuing system so that you can retry any failures. Obviously, that also means that you need to be doing good error checking in your code as well. As stated above, our API is 99.9% of the time online. As with most things, occasional bumps or slow downs are unpredictable, but our team has put a lot of work into avoiding these.

GeoRanker API Testimonials

James Richardson

SEO & PPC Professional - Optimising


Not only is GeoRanker a great option for our client reports, the API options have allowed us to create game-changing tools that we use for our clients, saving us thousands of dollars every month by cutting down our reporting time. GeoRanker has changed our business in a big way.

Nyagoslav Zhekov

Managing Director, NGS Marketing


GeoRanker is a unique SEO tool. It could be helpful for both small businesses and national brands. The former could use its functionality to do competitive research on other businesses in the same industry across the country, while the latter (brands) could benefit from its ease of reporting localized rankings in multiple cities and at the same time providing insights into how direct competitors are doing. I highly recommend it.

Steve Wiideman

Xivic Inc., xivic.com Search Marketing Director


GeoRanker is a cost-effective solution that allows us to research, collect, and monitor key local SEO focal points across thousands of individual franchises. Thanks to the API, we now have the ability to find and aggregate global and industry-specific opportunities. We're fortunate to have found GeoRanker, with their incredible customer service and technical expertise, and look forward to years of dominating local search results for our clients!