API Authentication

Authentication Process - GeoRanker API
The following diagram describes clearly how an API user interacts with the GeoRanker API during the authentication process.

The communication protocol between the client and the API is HTTPS (HTTP over SSL). You can access the functions using the standard methods GET, POST, PUT and DELETE as long as these are supported by the executed function.You can access the functions using the standard methods GET, POST, PUT and DELETE as long as these are supported by the executed function.

What is needed to authenticate?

You need a valid API Key , which you can find on the Settings Page of your GeoRanker Account.

Example of an API Key: e960a54a012654c61f18cefb62f44af1

This API Key will be used along with your email to authenticate all commands Api.

How to use

Now that you have the API Key, first you need learn how to use all the function. You can see all functions click here.

Sample request:
Sample response to the command:
	"id": 101010"email": "api@example.com",
	"display_name": "Example",
	"registered": "2012-01-30 14:49:10",
	"url": "http://www.exemple.com",
	"credits": 500,
	"plan": {
		"name": "Free",
		"price": 0,
		"is_publicreports": false,
		"creditspermonth": 500,
		"maxlocations": 5,
		"maxcreditsperreport": 200

This command is responsible for generating all data of your account. So, for the all functions is need send the API Key and email for authentication the functions, as the example.

You can find the parameters and the possible responses here.

If the user data is incorrect, you will be receiving an error. In case you encounter an error, visit this page to learn more about all the possible error codes.

At this point, you are already to user in and can execute any valid command in our API using your API Key and email.

GeoRanker API Testimonials

James Richardson

SEO & PPC Professional - Optimising


Not only is GeoRanker a great option for our client reports, the API options have allowed us to create game-changing tools that we use for our clients, saving us thousands of dollars every month by cutting down our reporting time. GeoRanker has changed our business in a big way.

Nyagoslav Zhekov

Managing Director, NGS Marketing


GeoRanker is a unique SEO tool. It could be helpful for both small businesses and national brands. The former could use its functionality to do competitive research on other businesses in the same industry across the country, while the latter (brands) could benefit from its ease of reporting localized rankings in multiple cities and at the same time providing insights into how direct competitors are doing. I highly recommend it.

Steve Wiideman

Xivic Inc., xivic.com Search Marketing Director


GeoRanker is a cost-effective solution that allows us to research, collect, and monitor key local SEO focal points across thousands of individual franchises. Thanks to the API, we now have the ability to find and aggregate global and industry-specific opportunities. We're fortunate to have found GeoRanker, with their incredible customer service and technical expertise, and look forward to years of dominating local search results for our clients!